Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Find your Dirty Dancing heels

Since Patrick Swayze showed the world that no one puts Baby in the corner, Dirty Dancing has had a soft spot in most girls hearts.

At a recent bridal show I was chatting to a bride about finding her the perfect dance shoe for her wedding day. We both thought the most classic one must be Baby's last dance outfit & heels from Dirty Dancing. The romance of that dance has even inspired some awe/laughter inspiring first dances videos that has become a regular fixture on youtube. Going all out like that might not be most brides cup of tea, but owning the perfect pair of dance shoes still is!

Here at Love Art Wear Art we have always been big fans of dance shoes. Nothing beats the comfort and elegance of a beautifully crafted bar shoe for your special day or a glitzy occasion. So as a homage to Dirty dancing here are the top 3 Love Art Wear Art dance shoes! Which one is your favourite?

1. Marlene

Marlene - 1050's inspired and made from fine gold glitter & crackle kid leather

2. Scarlett

Scarlett - Deco inspired and made from cream satin, platinum glitter & soft gold suede

3. Bella

Bella - A butterfly beauty from fine gold glitter leather and ivory satin

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