Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Brighten up your day

On Sunday morning I slept through my alarm and while I woke to lovely bright sunshine, I had missed my oldest friends baby boys christening! We did make up for it over lunch and newspapers confirm I can officially blame it on the clock change and silly iPhone 4 mmm... 

But with March change of the clocks comes the late light and warmer weather and I am sure we are all wishing for summer to finally arrive. Don't get me wrong, I love winter with its wonderful layers, knee high boots and stylish coats but lets be honest, I am ready to embrace the slightest hint of spring so that we can finally lose those trousers, socks & hats and show some leg.

With all the wonderful new ranges out in store right now I have already selected a few gorgeous dresses and shorts that I will wear with my heels this summer. But until spring completely shows its face, there are still ways to brighten up your wardrobe and wear your favourite Love Art Wear Art shoes. Feeling too chilly for bare legs? Get the tights out and brighten up your day! 


  1. Two of my obsessions: tights and heels. I loooove this post!!

  2. Thank you Art and yes, its a good combination! Two of my favourites too!